Why Should I buy Forever Living Aloe When I can buy other Brands Cheaper ?

It is a valid question and perhaps we can better answer you with the following information :

  1. We and its affiliates are the worlds largest grower and distributor of Aloe Vera.
  2. No PESTICIDES or HERBICIDES are used in our Aloe Vera fields.
  3. We own the plantation in the USA and the Caribbean – both primary growing climates. Therefore we can tell EXACTLY how and where our Aloe was grown.
  4. We control the whole process, from choosing which leaves are ripe for harvest, right through to the storage temperature after bottling.
  5. We are not dependent on any other supplier.
  6. Our Gel is extracted from freshly harvested, mature leaves and stabilized to protect its essential nutritional content within hours.
  7. The stabilization process is patented by Forever Living Products ‘Founder, chairman of Board of Directors and CEO Mr.Rex Maughan.
  8. No artificial flavouring or colouring is added to our gel.
  9. Our Aloe Vera Gel is not homogenised or filtered.
  10. We discard the useless rinds, using them as natural fertilisers in its Aloe Fields.
  11. Our Aloe Vera is not boiled. Boiling or pasteurization is cheaper and faster. Excessive heat destroys the active ingredients. We use only sub-pasteurisation temperatures to ensure enzyme activity is preserved. Cool processing locks in the nutrients immediately for a greater time.
  12. Our Aloe Vera is not reconstitured from freeze-dried gel. This is how some companies offer ‘double strength’ products.
  13. Our products contains 100% Gel, from PLANT TO PRODUCT TO YOU.
  14. The Food and Drug Laboratories of New York have declared that our Aloe Vera Gel is essentially identical to the raw gel. In other words drinking our Aloe Vera Gel is like breaking open a leaf and scooping out the gel without the toxins and pollution present in the leaves.


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