My name is Maria. I am 68 years old. Since my youth I have been suffering from joint pain, especially knees and back pain. With years the condition has worsened. Almost every fall I had to go to physiotherapy, and then Ibuprofen, Advil and some other painkillers helped me through the winter.

Even with that, the condition has been worsening in the recent years. My spine started to deteriorate. My doctor prescribed Celebrex and Glucosamine. I had great troubles with my liver and stomach after taking Celebrex. I started drinking FOREVER FREEDOM three years ago, with great doubt about improvement.

However, after a short time, I started feeling better and better. I was surprised at the ease with which I could get out of bed, get in and out of car, and a general ease of movement. Incredibly, the movement of my joints, especially knees and fists, has returned. Back pains have disappeared. I started to move normally up and down the stairs. My stomach is ok.

I no longer have joint pains, am not tired, my cholesterol has improved as well as my blood pressure, and my general state of health is much better than before Aloe.



When I was told “Dad, we’re going to have to sell your cars and put you in a home,” I was ready to try anything. YES IT’S TRUE they were going to sell my place. It was hard to imagine as I have a collection of vintage cars. I was in really bad shape laid up in bed using crutches. I was in terrible health.

My neighbor gave me some FOREVER FREEDOM to drink. It consisted of a pure grade of Aloe Vera with other products used for Arthritis – Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Vitamin C and MSM. These products are needed to maintain healthy joint function. I had tried some of these products before. But not in this liquid formula.

After 3 bottles I was out of bed without crutches using a cane. Within a few months I was on my own and shortly afterward went to Las Vegas with family and walked over 20 blocks “Like a New Kid”

Now most of my family and many friends use FLP Products and it’s wonderful to hear their good stories.


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